What Others Say About Deb

…”Ability to observe and create”…

Deb has a natural ability to observe and describe people and create interesting scenarios around/about them.

Dianne Pavelka

…”Cheerful and organized”…

Deb has a cheerful personality and organizational skills. She has a unique way of making anyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Gary DeSomber

…”Smiling and positive”…

Deb always has a smile on her face and speaks positively. I have always been reassured by her counsel in our work together. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

Lois Crilly

…”Makes people feel comfortable”…

Deb makes people feel comfortable.

Dorie Coughenour

…”Positive, organized, and has soul”…

Deb remains visibly positive, regardless of how unpleasant or demanding a situation becomes. She takes that positivity and infects the people around her with it. As a writer, she is organized and her work is well written but still has soul. Lewayne White.

Deb can be anyone’s friend. When she speaks to a group of people, everyone in the room will listen. She easily captures their attention. Jim rockhohn.

Deb is an expressive story teller. She has a knack of making a story come to life.

Shannan Burgess

…”See’s problems and offers solution”…

Deb has an ability to see any problem and come up with a solution.

Susan Rainey-Biler

… “Curious, adventurous, and extremely hard working”…

Deb is naturally curious, adventurous and extremely hard working. She goes out of her way to do little things to make sure people feel special and loved. She has a fast-paced energy about her – Go!

Karen O’Bryan

…”Cheerful, problem solving attitude”…

Deb approaches tasks with a cheerful, problem-solving attitude. She listens. When she does talk, people are often willing to listen to her perspective and her reasons. She attends to detail matter-of-factly, step by step without being overwhelmed.

Shirley Long

…” What needs to be done”…

Deb is very good at organizing and focusing on the important stuff and sets up her game plan in a logical order. She is very proactive and acts now on what needs to be done.

Rod G.

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I am available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM and other times by appointment. In general, I use early mornings and afternoons for writing. The best way to reach me is through email at Deb@DebGriffithCopywriting.com. We can always speak by phone as needed. I will always respond.

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