About Me

By age 5, Deb knew she wanted to be a writer. She served as a writer on school newspapers, including universities. She has written numerous articles for companies, speeches for Governors, press releases for Girl Scouts, helped physicians with research articles, and written courses for nurses for continuing education credits.

She raised three daughters who married three wonderful men. She has one grandson and is the official “movie grandma’ and spends many lovely afternoons in matinees eating popcorn and watching kids’ films.

She has chaperoned youth trips to Europe, climbed a glacier, and walked on the Great Wall of China. She finds celestial events to be magical and loves to drag her devoted couch potato husband out to count shooting stars during meteorite showers.

Deb has always been and remains fascinated by biology and health sciences. She is dedicated in her own pursuit of health and hopes to help others understand ways to achieve health and how to maintain it as they approach more mature ages.

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I am available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM and other times by appointment. In general, I use early mornings and afternoons for writing. The best way to reach me is through email at Deb@DebGriffithCopywriting.com. We can always speak by phone as needed. I will always respond.

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